In these days, in my little town Trosa, the winter are still holding back the springtime for a while. The winter landscape are like some paintings by the great swedish artist Reinhold Ljunggren (1920-2006). You can almost believe you walk in a painting, when you’re out walking. You can se some of his paintings here.

He lived in Trosa for several years and did lots of local paintings. This picture is my own hommage to his paintings of Trosa landscapes.

Hommage to Ljunggren (private)

Another winter beauty is world championship in Vail and Beaver creek, USA. Our sport television “the Winterstudio” is broadcasting with Pernilla Wiberg and Anja Pärson as expertcommenters. Really interesting to hear them talk. I don’t care for who wins, but it’s fun to see the competitions. I did a little painting for couple of years ago in pastel. The picture shows our tv-sport-broadcast-anchor Andree Pops.

Vinterstudion (nu vm-pris 100 sek, förr 500 sek)

Have fun in the snow if you have winter. If you don’t have snow. Feel lucky, you don’t have to shoveling snow everyday!