What ever, Yellow fellows

Is it just me?

Is it just me, or have anyone of you in WP community noticed a lower activity in your stats these last days OMs been away from HarsHReaLiTy?

I understand WP has an issue with the high activity OMs making. But when they try to limit his activity I think it effect us all. 

His activity is spreading all over the community and makes higher activity in our blogs too. I didn’t realise that until now. 

I’m rather new at this interacting thing blogging is making. But I like the way we all are linked together in different ways. 

Cooperation is the key word I’ve learned. That also means if WP try to set limits for some, it will effect more bloggers than the one they want to limit. Hmmm….

I found a lot of blogs on HR worth following, so I really hope he’s coming back soon and that WP gets that he indirectly generates good activity for other blogs too.

Did I mention that I also think it’s very interesting and educational to read OMs blog?


To fall, to catch/Att falla, att ta emot (500 sek)

8 thoughts on “Is it just me?”

  1. For me there are changes to my stats when OM re-blogs me, as stats increase immensely. 🙂 Otherwise they are pretty stable and consistent. Thanks for following my blog!

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