I’ve got a cold and wishing myself rapid improvement. But I am also deeply grateful to be healthy all other hours. Not everyone has the luck. I reblog myself today. I can not make a new post today. However, I read your blogs. Then I have something to do until I get well;)

Jag har fått en förkylning och önskar mig själv snabb bättring. Men jag är samtidigt djupt tacksam över att få vara frisk all annan tid. Alla har inte den lyckan. Jag reblog mig själv idag. Jag orkar inte göra ett nytt inlägg idag. Dock läser jag era bloggar. Då har jag något att göra tills jag blir frisk 😉

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Do you think you will live forever?
Do you think you will keep you healthy forever?
Do you think that all your loved ones too should do it?
If you believe it,
Do You postponing what you are supposed to do until tomorrow?
Can you be waiting for getting more time?
Do you wait for your turn to come to fulfill the dreams?
Did you know that you can have horribly wrong?
Fate has the nasty habit at any time to crack down on any family. Either with joyful or sad message.
We do not have all the time in the world.
We need not wait for our turn to fulfill dreams.
We can have very less time left for what we want to do than we think.
I think you can ask the persons whatsoever, who suffers from a condition that prevents the fulfillment of dreams, projects…

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