Inside outside painting.

Promised in the comments, that I will tell you my thoughts about this painting. Here it comes:

Sometimes you wish to be the one inside the ring of people and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you just want to be one of many similar and sometimes you want to be unique.

Sometimes you don’t dare to be unique or in the center of the ring. Sometimes no one allows you to be part of the ring or force you to be in the center of the ring.

I Think you get what I mean. With this picture I wanted to feed your own thoughts. Your interpretations is really inspirering. So now I see keyholes and a lot more after reading your comments. Thank you!


Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

What do you see in the picture?

I don’t say more than that, because then I maybe plant images, in your head, of what I see.

Vad ser du i bilden?

Jag säger inget mer om bilden eftersom jag då riskerar att plantera bilder i ditt huvud av vad jag ser.


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