I ignore the fact that I may open Pandoras box here, but I really like to know what’s bugging you.

Let me explain.

I’m about to finish an art project that I call “Pick your fight”.

We all have our fights to fight. They can be about world peace or my toe is aching. No matter is too small and neither too big. So what’s bugging you?

I need your help to collect our whining. I then will write them down on small notes and put them in a handbag, where exhibition visitors can actually pick their fight.

Can we give this a try? I haven’t the slightest idea if this is gonna work.

But my thinking is that I want to create an art peace that makes people think and also can smile about the word game “pick your fight”.

I can’t come up with every bothering issue my self, so I come to think about all of you smart guys. You always have interesting things to say in the comments.

If you also have answers to the issues resolving then please share those thoughts to.

I’m a slow reader in English, so if you can be rather short in your thoughts I appreciate that. But I also know that thoughts demand lots of words sometimes, so that’s ok too.

Of course I will let you know how I manage to finish my art project and how the visitors will interpret the work.

Vad irriterar dig? Vad vill du ändra på? Vad kan du själv göra åt det?
Jag samlar “gnäll” till ett konstprojekt jag kallar Pick your fight. Jag vill samla våra gnäll och synpunkter på sådant som stör oss, på små lappar, som utställningsbesökare kan plocka och välja just den fråga som passar dem att ta itu med.

Så vad stör du dig på? Lämna gärna en kommentar till denna post.