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Orienteers in Trosa Sweden

Earlier in the evening I saw something unusual along our on the middle of our small town Trosa in Sweden. Lots of orienteers ran along the Trosa River and in the alleys between the houses. I saw that they had set up orientation screens along both the river and along the streets. Very fun to see in the early summer evening.

Tidigare i kväll fick jag se något ovanligt längs vår å mitt inne i vår lilla stad Trosa i Sverige. Massor av orienterare sprang längs Trosaån och i gränderna mellan husen. Jag såg att de hade satt upp orienteringsskärmar längs både ån och längs gatorna. Väldigt kul att se i försommarkvällen.



Trosa river (or more like creek?)

16 thoughts on “Orienteers in Trosa Sweden”

    1. Yes I do. This time of the year our very small town is growing bigger. Tourists and those who live here during summer are on their way in to town.

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            1. It was dinky for sure! It had a dairy farm, a tractor store, an antique shop and a fuel pump.

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            2. Gosh I never realized that Stockholm was that big! I need to travel more!


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