I have a confession to make. Numbers have effect on me. I didn’t thought they have, but they sure do.

Every view or un-view, every like or no like, every comment or no comment counts.

When I read OMs number and stats post I often think – am I the same or do I think different when it comes to numbers in stats?

I don’t. I do check stats and find them amusing when they go up and makes me wonder when they goes down.

It’s like OM always says. It’s all about how much time you devote to your blog. He’s right.

When I don’t have enough time to write posts och read blogs and commment and like, my stats goes down. 

When I work hard with writing posts and show activity on other blogs stats improves.

Even though numbers in stats counts, I also blog because of you guys. The responses I get is really inspirering and kind of a nice company.

I like when my ipad says “pling” everytime something happens on my blog.

So numbers and “plings” do count. By that I mean, you all count for me 😉

Tennisboll/Tennis ball