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We’re now over 400!

How did that happen?
I didn’t do it by my self, that much I know.

During the time between 300 and 400 I haven’t search for new blogs to follow and by that catch one or two new followers back.

Instead I have written new posts, repost old post and visit other followers blogs and leave and liked comments.

So reaching over 400 followers are your doing, not mine. Thanks to your posts, followers, reblogs and comments we’re now over 400 on this blog.

Those 400 are not only my followers, they are your followers too. When you leave a like, a comment or reblog my posts, you expose your self/your blog for at least 400 follwers.

We did this together all of us.
Congrats to us all 😉


Lots of hearts to you all!

16 thoughts on “We’re now over 400!”

    1. Then you are that too. You’re on the comments top list, so lots of people read what you say on my blog 🙂 “pling”


  1. I fell into the trap on Tumblr of having too many followers and trying to follow back. That meant I didn’t have a good sense of what they were doing because there was so much coming on my dashboard there. I am hoping things are a little different here.

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