What will you do when a wp friend is e-gone?

A big sad news in this wp world is about how OM/Jason disappeared from the blogging sphere. One day he was e-gone.

When I read blogposts about this I see that many of us remember him as helpful, fun and also amusing irritating.

It’s sad when such person disappeares from our community. But instead of grieving the loss, I think we could take his doing further.

I understands that he has made his blog visible again, but he do not participate himself, but you can read his posts at Harsh ReaLiTy still.

We can all read about his blogging tips, look at his way to create interesting posts, read old comments and learn from them.

Then we can do what he used to do. Help each other, set up meet and greet posts, and even irritate people by making such post. I’ll stick to the two first alternatives.

I think that’s kind of a nice tribute to a big blogger who helped a lot of other bloggers.

But it’s just a suggestion 🙂




32 comments on “What will you do when a wp friend is e-gone?

  1. Hi Anna, that’s also a reason why I decided to have a “Meet and Greet” on my Blog this week…I remember when I discovered OM Blog and I posted my first link on one of his ‘Meet and Greet” session. I thought that was very kind and generous of him to give that opportunity. It is there that I got connected with many of you…:-) I will repeat this once in a while on my Blog and give the opportunity to new Bloggers to get discovered and connected with the Community 🙂

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