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Hurt :)

A week on wp can look like this when visiting nice wp friends blogs.

Hurt, is a word that comes up in my mind when summing up a couple of days reading wp friends blogs.

Melanie is at the hospital, hope all goes well.

Jim hurt his knee in his decking project, hope all is well despite that.

OMs back and the never ending discussion of his being is in full speed. This time it seems to be hurt egos from both Painkills and OM. Hope they both are well despite their differents opinions.

Swo8 is, with a beautiful painting, still wondering what happened to a mother carrying a child. Did they survived or did they got hurt some how.

Yoshiko fight narcissists and try not to get to hurt. The posts gives good advices and links on the subject.
In this hurting theme there’s also comfort and support.
Lucky Otter’s heaven have good advice about narcissists.

Orlando always cheers up and inspire with good words. Just breathe is the hardest one to follow.

Blair Gaulton describes doubts very well and inspire to cloud cleaning.
I actually read many more posts, it’s always inspiration to read all your blogs, dear followers.
If you don’t have seen me around for a while, please let me know and I will stop by and visit you.

If you miss me as a follower, please let me know, then you might have fallen out of the list by mistake.


A week at wp 2015




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