…live in IT-era when I’m from the Digital stoneage?

I’m halfway to 300 followers right now. Recently I reached 200.

My stats tells me I follow more than 400 hundred blogs and I have about 250 followers.

I’ve also notice that activity on other blogs catches new followers to my blog.

Part from trying to make enjoyable post for you to read, that’s my way of getting new followers.

The rest of the following reasons is your doing. People who are following your blogs sometimes find my blog through you.

I’m not participating in any other social media than WP, so gaining readers and followers is a slow process, but I like it anyway.

With this little following-report I want to show you that it is possible to gain follwers, readers and visitors without being “out there” on every social media platform there is.

Of course I probably never reach HR status with over 50 000 followers, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I’m here for your interesting comments and for your blogs and my own blog too, of course 🙂


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