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Thank you all…

…for feeding my brain with such interesting thoughts.

When I, in a couple of months, get more painting time, you probably will notice the inspiration I get from you, in new pictures and drawings. I cant wait! But I have to.

In the mean time, I show you a lot of “old” paintings and some old posts too. Some Pictures are new though.

New followers may not find old posts and some of you others may have missed a post or two, so I repost when I don’t have the time to write new ones and when I think the old posts still are interesting.

I Often read post in the reader. I seldom click all the way to the actual blog. I move on to next post in my reader instead. If that’s a common reader habit, then reposts are a good idea if you want to show your posts for new readers.

Thanks again for feeding my brain. My brain is constantly hungry for interesting thoughts 🙂


I can’t paint animals, but I do it anyway!

I split the areas up and color them. Sometimes it does look like an animal 🙂

34 thoughts on “Thank you all…”

    1. I’m still learning. At first I didn’t think I could draw or paint animals at all. But when I try to paint animals in different ways and didn’t expected it to look like real animals, then I got better results.

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  1. Adorable little monkey. I try to click through to posts to read them so that I don’t miss anything. Reading only from the reader I found that I missed a lot of things people had in their posts. The reader doesn’t show entire posts. Time can be an issue though, if you have a lot of posts to follow.

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  2. Färgaregårdsanna,
    The aladywrites4u’s comment about not liking to miss things? It happens to me too. I would be like this and that then I see the comment for me that I didn’t even see two days ago? I get worried that the commenters who left the comment for me will think I am rude.

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