This is so true and happens to me a lot. I try to write ideas down and then it works, but when I don’t, they vanish very often. Anna

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Has an idea ever come to your mind which you thought was a great idea; but later it just vanished when you had done about it and you were unable to recapture it, however hard you might have tried?

This happens to very many people; and they lose very great ideas which might have brought great breakthroughs in their lives.

The reason is they do not capture the idea when it comes. They allow it to float; and so it floats into thin air.

You must learn to capture the ideas which look important to you in a concrete way so that you will find it when your memory fails you.

The best way is to write it down.

Do not deceive yourself that you will remember it when the time comes. Usually when an idea is still fresh in your mind, it looks so strong that you cannot imagine…

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