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Meet and greet at 500!

We’ve now reached 500 followers on this blog. I say WE because all of you is a part of this journey.

Lets celebrate with a cake and a meet and greet session.

Tell us about your blog in the comments and visit others who do the same. Don’t hesitate, feel free to promote your blog.

Grab a piece of cake and thanks for being her on wp and visiting my blog.

I try to visit yours as much as I can 🙂

Have a great day all of you!


Have a piece of cake…


…and grab the last cookie!

135 thoughts on “Meet and greet at 500!”

  1. Congratulations, and the cake looks good.

    I’m not sure if other people are being too polite to promote their own blogs, but I’ll jump in and do a bit of promotion. With luck, it’ll encourage someone else. Notes from the UK is about the spidery corners of British culture and the odd stuff that tourist brochures ignore. I’m an American living in Cornwall and you can find a post about the British government’s attempt to promote British values (whatever they may be) at

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    1. Thank you. You’re to kind about this rockstar thing. But even rockstars wouldn’t be anything without followers/fans 🙂 So my blog and I are nothing without you readers. “pling”

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  2. Congratulations Anna!! I’m so jealous, I only have 253 followers 😢. Well, my blog is basically an online diary about a normal teenager just trying to survive every day life. I post a lot of poems and random sketches that I draw as well.
    Keep up the great work Anna!

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  3. Wow, 500! Congrats! I recently started my blog and have 36. Seems like 500 is a long ways away!
    My blog is on children and adults with anxiety and panic attacks.
    And that cake…. 🙂

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    1. One day you will reach 500 too. I didn’t think it was possible, but here I am 🙂 I couldn’t click me forward to your blog, please leave your link so I can find you 🙂

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  4. Now I want cake. Congratulations on 500.

    My blog is part fiction, part poetry with a little bit of babbling added in.

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        1. Thanks, now it’s look like something to read. I will get back and read, but soon it’s night here and work tomorrow 🙂


  5. Good on you Anna. I’m only new to your blog but love your work.
    My blog ( is a journey…my life with depression, the ups and downs, the funny side, the sad side, but hopefully always moving forward.
    All the best for the 1000

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  6. Thanks for hosting. I can almost taste the cake and my own party. I’m just short of 500 myself and hope this meet and greet brings more people to check out my toy box. It’s about those times in my life that just have to be “put to paper” with some fun fictional daily prompts mixed in….like a really good cake batter. You just have to reach in and have a taste…

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        1. My new followers often come from my own activity when visiting other blogs. I might have liked their comments or I have left a comment in a post or two.

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  7. Congrats on 500 followers! I’ll be reaching 1,000 soon, so it’s nice to reach a milestone. My blog is all about books, education, knowledge, science fiction, fantasy, and science. Kind of a lot of things, but they all have a couple things in common: reading and knowledge. My blog is called I Read Encyclopedias for Fun, and can be found here:

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  8. Congratulations, Anna, what a great milestone! I’m at 496 and I find it amazing that so many people have followed – it’s quite motivating actually and I love looking at the art or writing of the other people I follow.

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  9. Oh darn! I’m afraid I arrived too late to get the last cookie. I guess I’ll have a slice of cake as a take a moment to share…
    We blog about anything and everything that suites (as well as some things that don’t) over at runawaynunsandleprechauns. Our new friend Anna found us and followed us which brought us to her wonderful world. Feel free to stop by and check us out— the door is always open 🙂 and we’re always on the lookout for new friends.

    Thanks for this opportunity Anna. We’re headed out to browse around some now!


  10. Congratulations. I don’t think I will ever reach the 5-oo number. So double congratulations to you Anna. My blog is about myself – I know not much about other things to blog about -so I try to blog about me. I started off the blog to get myself out of a life low- a year back. Now I am on my feet and well on the way to flying. My blog will not show the real me but will be a reflection of who I am in my real life. When I am lazy or overwhelmed, I visit the blogs of others and try to read, understand and write a comment in their comment section- so I do keep writing everyday, even though you might not see a daily post from me on my blog page.
    Visit my blog at

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  11. Hi Anna,
    Congratulations on reaching 500 followers! Thank you for this opportunity to introduce my blog to your readers.
    Hi Everybody,
    I am Janice. I offer blogging advice to bloggers. Tips for engaging readers, improving content, and increasing traffic are waiting for you at my site. There is even a free incentive for signing up. Here is the link so you can read more about what my site can do for you.
    I am looking to expand my readership, so check my blog out.

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  12. Congrats on reaching such a great blogging accomplishment! My blog is ‘Just Plain Ol Vic’ but you can call me Vic. I blog about a lot of things, but mental health and family are my focus. You can get a bit more information about me by clicking on my link:

    Thanks for this great opportunity!

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  13. Congratulations Anna! A labour of love, reaching 500 followers I’m sure. Here’s to many more!

    My name is Jill and my blog, Mint Tea & Honey, is all about delicious recipes and baking how-to’s. Baking is my passion and I love sharing my ideas and experiences!

    Jill xo

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    1. Please leave your link to your blog, my wp app doesn’t want to lead me there by pressing your name in my notofications.


  14. Thanks for your generosity and congratulations on the 500!
    “La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin” mean “Life is too short to drink bad wine” and is the name of my blog looking at life through travel, photography, humour, writing and poetry. If you like a lighthearted look and life (and good wine) I would love to see you drop by! 🙂

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  15. I found your blog on nutsrok, and decided to visit. I like “talking” with people on WP better than IRL as well, and I enjoy writing, music, and online gaming.
    Very nice to meet you.

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  16. The Reading Cottage: The Platform For Books, Feature Articles, Book Reviews, Interview, Culture, Lifestyle , Entertainment says:

    A good product doesn’t need any advert Anna. One of the basic needs for a successful blog is to produce interesting things which will catch readers attention. Keep on posting the best and before the end of this year the number will increase amazingly.

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