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Seagulls echoes

A sure sign of spring in my town, we hear clearly along the small river that flows through the city center. Seagulls, who during nesting season moves into town from the archipelago. They make themselves clearly heard and the sound echoes between the houses. They begin their “singing” at four o’clock in the morning and goes on until late evening.

Ett säkert vårtecken i min stad hör vi tydligt längs den lilla å, som flyter igenom stadens centrum. Fiskmåsar, som under häckningstid flyttar in till stan från skärgården. De gör sig tydligt hörda och ljudet ekar mellan husen. De börjar sin “sång” vid fyratiden på morgonen och håller på till sena kvällen. 


Seagull/Fiskmås (100 sek)

6 thoughts on “Seagulls echoes”

  1. Beautiful picture!
    I live very far from the sea, but some years ago we had a group of seagulls that used to hang around a roadhouse and beg chips from the diners. Then one day they were gone.

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    1. I live by the sea too. Seagulls are loud, but I miss them during winter. It’s so quiet without them. But they can be irritating though.


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