How come I ended up as a follwer of your blogs?


1. You found my blog and liked one post or two.

When you like one of my posts and push like button I get a message about that in my wp app.

In the notice department it is very easy to push follow button. I do that often, because then your posts will show up in my reader.


2. The same goes for when you’ve decided to follow my blog. I follow your blog if I can.


3. I tag search blogs sometimes and I’ve might have found your blog that way. Art tagged blogs often captures my interest.


4. I visit your blogs and among the comments I might have found new interesting blogs.


5. When I push like button on comments in your posts your followers sometimes find me and we’re back at the 1.


This is an easy way to find new blogs and new followers. BUT this way isn’t in any way troll safe. It’s probably kind of stupid to push follow button almost everytime someone like a post. But it is so much easier when posts appears in the reader instead of me have to go to every blogsite for every new post.


Sometimes I have bad connection and it takes “hours” to get a site up. The reader is faster to show posts.


But, when I do like that, I miss checking out everyones blogthemes, and that’s always interesting to see ho the blogs look like outside the reader.


Thanks for being out there spreading so much inspiration 😉




I dina ögon/Universal eyes