Pastel paintings

Waterfall or field or what?

I painted this painting with waterfall in mind. Imagine how a waterfall looks like before the water turns down the slope.
But the buyer to the painting exclaimed, no, but that’s my field outside the house.

Can you see anything more than a waterfall and a field in the picture?
Jag målade denna tavla med vattenfall i åtanke. Tänk er hur ett vattenfall ser ut före vattnet viker av nerför själva fallet.

Men köparen till tavlan utbrast, nej men det är ju min äng utanför huset.

Så nu föreställer tavlan en äng också.

Kan du se något mer än ett vattenfall och en äng i bilden?


29 thoughts on “Waterfall or field or what?”

  1. I looked long and hard. Depending on which way up, I see both. I see the water slipping down the flat coloured surface and splashing white in the top centre; or that centre becomes a sunburst across the field.

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  2. I see a face in the sky just about to form, and I imagine the colors as an aura or thoughts emanating from the face. (I know, it’s kind of crazy, but that is really what I thought).

    I love this piece. It is hopeful and bright.

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  3. Reblogged this on FärgaregårdsAnna and commented:
    The painting that turned in to a lot more than a waterfall.

    You guys has made the waterfall-painting a lot bigger when telling how you interpret the picture. It’s amazing how art open our minds.

    Now I don’t know what to call it, because there is no longer just a waterfall or a field in the picture.

    I see all that you see in the picture and even more. I think there can be sun behind a roof. Up on the roof or standing at the foot of the building and looking up.

    You’ve all inspire me to do more multi motif paintings. Thanks!



  4. I see a Crazy Quilt, handmade with love and care by a grandmother, from the perspective of head of the bed to foot of the bed, gently awakening as the sun shines in through the window.

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