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You seem to have a large following. How long have you been blogging?

In this post comments, the question was asked by the postwriter. I promised to write a post as an answer.

Now I will do that.

My following-history began only a couple of months ago even thought I setted up this blog a few years ago. Why?

When I first started the blog I did it as an easier alternative to build a webbsite. I needed a place on internet to show my art work. Some of my friends used WP to their blogs and I thought I give it a try.

For almost two years I wrote posts to show my art work and also wrote text about our local politics issues and showed drawings with humour comments.

After a while I notice that not only Swedish readers showed in the stats. People from all over the world had found posts on my blog.

I still didn’t get that someone outside my own country could be interested in my blog.

The first years I had readers but not many followers. I didn’t do much about it either. So that was fair stats. If you do nothing to find followers, then you don’t get followers. It’s quite simple.

Then one day I thought I should take a look around in the wp-world. I started with the bloggers how followed me. Don Charisma was a early follower. I started to like his photoposts first. Really nice pictures. Then I thought I would read some of the posts to. I did. After a while I checked the comments and find them interesting.

I started to write comments after a while and when I wanted to add something to the discussion.

Then one day DC posted about a closing down threat for HarsH ReaLiTy, Jason, A Opinonated man. That’s how I found HR, who is known as almost everybodys blogfriend. He powerblogs and share his blog tip, free for everyone to follow or not.

When I started to read and followed his blog I started to realize what blogging is about. From there I changed my ways of blogging.


Back to the question You seem to have a large following.

What is large following?

For me it’s 100, which I reached recently. Now I’m on my way to 200 and have reached more than halfway.

For other bloggers it might be small numbers, but I’ll take one step at the time.

Like Jason at HR use to tell us. You have to work hard and it takes lots of time to reach your goals. He is absolutely right. And right now I have time to spend on blogging enough for my following in this kind of numbers. It suits me well with this slow growing process.

Sorry my Swedish reader, I’m too lazy to write this in Swedish right now. Hope you’ll get by with this English version.



39 thoughts on “You seem to have a large following. How long have you been blogging?”

  1. This was a very interesting read, Anna, because I had these questions and didn’t know how to use the resources that were right in front of me. I feel that people should ask themselves what their goals are for their blogs and then try to work towards that goal. Sometimes a large following is not the answer. When I had seventy subscribers, I used to say that if half of my them commented on a post, I would be really happy. I am learning that people subscribe for different reasons, but the ones who take the time to like and comment on posts are really interested in what I have to say and these are the bloggers I make time to support. It is a process of renewed commitment and requires a bit of risk taking in putting yourself out there, but the rewards are wonderful.

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  2. I pretty much started just like you. Started WP as an easy alternative to a website to showcase my art. Glad i did 🙂 you’ve reassured me that this was a good decision 🙂 thank you! P.s glad this piece was not in swedish! Lol

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    1. It’s only numbers. The fun about blogging is the community activity. Reading, writing and comments. If I have hundreds and hundreds of quiet followers or fewer active followers, I chose the active alternative.


  3. Thanks for publishing this!
    Oh man! I can speak a lot on this one!:) When I started blogging, I thought it was a good idea to showcase and publish my drawings and sketches, I showed them to my friends, who quite to the contrary, turned a blind eye on me, they were facebook freaks! And there were zero views from India, too, I was about to close my blog on just the second day, but look, 2 views and a follow! I recall my recent followers (I wish to call them friends) were from America and Germany, Philippines , and I was so thrilled, from that day, my purpose of blogging changed, It’s good to see there are many (50;)) views on my site!
    Good Luck to your blogging experience!
    -Love your blog


  4. A great post and really interesting replies. I have been blogging since November last year and have been amazed at the variety of places where my posts have had a view. As well as that I have connected with some wonderful and inspiring bloggers. I have hit 250 followers and don’t know if that is a lot or not but it is always lovely to see the little plus sign at the start of the day. Thank you for your inspiring art and best wishes! 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Every follower mark is big. I thought 100 was great and it became 200,300,400 and 500 and every time I thought it was impossible to reach a new 100. Now I’m near 600. Happy blogging 🙂

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  5. Age old proverb ey: what you put in you get out. Well not ALWAYS – but expect NOTHING if you put nothing 🙂 Hell actually, don’t EXPECT ANYTHING – just ENJOY it!

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