Are you an ideal person, in shape, in mind and in body?
Didn’t think so, and me neither.

I think we all have our small and big defects, that we learn to live with. Since birth or after other things that happened to us in ongoing life.

When we think of our defects, we often seems to think other people are perfect without even checking if it’s true or not. We just assume that the grass is greaner on the other side.

I’ve learned through the years that we all have our defects and that we can sort of seek comfort in that. We’re almost never alone in our defects, even if we think so sometimes.

So in this post, my idea was to check out our defects. And I’ll start with myself. If you want to tell us about your defects, you are very welcome to leave comments.

The one who manage to tell about a defect no one else seems to have “wins”.

My point in this idea, is to show how alike we all are in our defects and that we’re seldom alone with them. Maybe it ease our burden a little to see that we probably share some defects without knowing it 🙂

So here it goes:

I’m a half hearing, allergic and HSP-talented person with both a lot of sorrow and happiness in my past.

That has shaped me to an half introvert, eyehearing, lotsofthoughtsgoingoninmymind person, with a great gratitude for life and its little happythings discovering everyday.

I went through child happiness, youth darkness, youngadult lostness to grown up I-could-never-have-it-better-than-right-now-ness 🙂
I see my defects as a strenght. I’ve learned to live with them and they now serve me good instead of making me feel imperfect.

We all have ups and downs in our lifes, I think the trick is to survive the downs and have courage and patience to make the ups comes more frequently than the downs.

I also think we should allow our selves to have ups and downs in our lives. We can not always be happy or sad, we are often both at the same time. If we’re happy without a little sadness that’s probably not true, and if we’re sad without even the slightest litte happiness that’s not true either. I try to mix happiness and sadness to blend into a good mood.

What do you think about this? What defects has formed you?

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