My Pick your fight painting is a sort of reconnection to the Swedish art movement “the handbags on statues”.

It all started with an artist who was going to make a statue of an angry lady with a handbag. The artist got inspiration from another artist photography of a lady with a handbag that protested against racists. You can see pictures here:

Arga damen med handväskan/angry lady with handbag

The city, that ordered an art work from the artist, chickened out and didn’t want the statue. They were afraid of the reactions.

The people from all over in Sweden didn’t think the decision were wise at all. They started a protest by hanging handbags on every statue in Sweden they could find. Now we have handbags hanging on statues in almost every city in the country. You can see some pictures here:

Handväskor på statyer/Handbags on statues

I wanted to take the issue in a wider perspective and my handbag person is angry about everything that irritates us. We all have our fights to fight and we can’t deal with them all at the same time.
So my thought in Pick your fight was to encourage our thoughts about what is worth fighting for, what can wait, what can not wait and so on. I don’t have any answers, I just want to pop the questions 🙂


Pick your fight