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First work day after summer vacation

Do you feel like this after first work day after summer vacation?

I do. I work all day and then when I’m through I’m back on square one.

Or at least I feel that way 🙂


First workday after summer vacation
First workday after summer vacation

44 thoughts on “First work day after summer vacation”

  1. Omg! I’m unbearable for about a week after returning from vacation. I shed a tear as the coast disappears in the rearview mirror. You’d think my dog died! But working towards that elusive second home at the coast. Someday soon hopefully! I feel your pain!

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      1. Leaving the ocean is like leaving a limb behind! I’m a beach bum at my core so it’s really difficult for me to watch it disappear. It’s kinda silly, but right before getting in the car to leave for home, I do one last walk on the sand and tell the ocean goodbye. Is that weird? 😕

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            1. In my town there is a tradition since many years to move out of town, to the archipelago in Summer. In the 1800-1900 era people rented their house to tourist and came back in Fall when they’ve done their fishing work in the archipelago for the season. Nowadays, many of us has kept the moving out to archipelago tradition but not the fishing part.

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            2. Sounds ideal! I’m scrimping and saving pennies now in the hopes of moving to the coast eventually. Or to have a second home for getaways. It could be a cardboard box for all I care so long as I can hear and smell the ocean. I’m jealous that its so accessible for you. You’re very fortunate. I’m sure it’s great inspiration for your art as well.

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            1. I know. I have a very intense first work week. Seems to be very little time for all I have on my list to do. “Pling”


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