Always a step behind?

I Trosa ligger vi alltid steget efter….

In my town we have a bunch of politicians who likes grandios projects, that does harm to future enviroment. They think we still live in a world who has no idea of climate changes. They will tear a ancient forrest down for a big road, that we don’t need. This is a post for my local readers most, but you might enjoy it too. Anna

17 comments on “Always a step behind?

    • Thank you very much for that information. That I can use in my future text about how to save our local enviroment! Thanks again, you made my day 🙂


  1. There seems to be an epidemic of politicians who are out of touch with the real problems of society, Anna. We just have to shout a little louder and maybe they will hear us.

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  2. Alas, Sweden is not the first Country to neglect any and all responsibility for this planet nor for those who have entrusted them with its care. There are much worse offenders.


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