nothing seems to go in your direction.
But if you give your self some time to think things through, you will se that not the whole world are against you, just the idiots, who seems to be taken over the world for that moment.

Not everything moves in the wrong direction, if you allow your self to look closely.

When you put things in perspective you will also see that those who are against you are very small people, that doesn’t have that great impact on you, that you first believed.

But bad days takes time to diminish and that’s irritating. I want my peace and calmness back!

I’m all well, so I shouldn’t complain at all really. But idiots irritates me when they mess up people lifes and their actions is supported by other idiots!

I hope to get time to read your blogs. I hope that will do the trick. You often make me smile and even laugh or give some wonderful thoughts and ideas to take with me.


Something’s wrong here,  no you are wrong…