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Reblog button no longer in wp app

Just so you know.
Updates aren’t always improvements, but I’ll guess you know that by now with wp updates 🙂
WP support reblog button

22 thoughts on “Reblog button no longer in wp app”

  1. I always thought the reblog button was for people who couldn’t be bothered writing something themselves. I never read reblogs and never use the button. They should get rid of it altogether and encourage people to be more creative.

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    1. Reblogs can also be to help wp friends to get their greatest post exposed to a larger number of readers and there by helping them to find new readers and followers. Reblog option is possible to turn off according to wp support answer for those who not want their posts to be reblogged.

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  2. Bruce, I could not disagree more. I produce more original content than most AND I reblog lots of bloggers to help them gain exposure. And I am familiar with many bloggers that have lots of followers that do the same thing. It is a way of developing community and helping those get started. It was done for me when I began and I continue to do it for others.

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    1. Just give the link – reblogging is a cheat’s way of getting people to read your own blog – and then usually you have to click further to “read the last 253 words” on the original site. Just give a recommendation and a link. It’s silly; it’s selfish; and it’s one of the more meaningless things people do. Its not community building – it’s called copying and pasting!

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        1. I don’t always have a great day but I certainly don’t call posting other people’s efforts anything other than trying to get other people to read my self-indulgent crap. Reblogging is breaking of copyright legally, provided the person has copyrighted it. If they haven’t, why on earth would you want to reblog it? Reblogging in any other circle is called mutual masturbation. Try to grow out of it!!!!

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      1. Thanks for letting us know. I go like this when people get angry 🙉🙊🙈, so I won’t get in to this discussion. You are probably both right in your opinions 🙂
        Lucky enough the reblog option is possible to turn off in the settings.


  3. We all see differently at blogging. Some of us equals blogging with book edition. Then one should turn the reblog option off in the settings.
    Some of us see blogging as a exhibition window, a newspaper, a social network, a chatroom and so on. Then one should activate the reblog option.
    A reblog is then like a news article you want to share with your friends or like a library that lends out books.
    Stealing is when you take content from other blogs and put your own name under text and images.
    Stealing is when you make money of others blogcontent without asking the writer/artist about permission to do that.
    The only thing you might steal with a reblog is stats notifications. But you will pay that back by increase the stats for the original blog.
    We are all both right and wrong in this matter of reblog I think.
    The good thing is YOU CAN TURN REBLOG OPTION OFF in your settings. So those who do not want reblogs, turn of the reblog in settings. Those of you who want reblogs, turn on the reblog in settings.


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