WP gives me lots of trouble right now.

1. I can’t upload images from wp app since the latest update and doing it in admin takes ages.
It feels like it takes me all evening to make a new post, so sorry for all reposts. I try to make new posts as often I can.

2. When I visit your blogs through browser the Like button doesn’t upload, so even if I like your posts I can’t show it By liking your posts. To leave a comment also take ages through browser reading.

3. All of you don’t show up in my reader where I can both like and leave comments easier.

4. Your comments in my posts sometimes disappeares or drown in my notification list in the app. I’ve asked wp support if I could turn of notification for likes, so the list more clearly shows comments and reblog notification. The only answer they can give me is to turn off like button in my posts. But I want you to have the opportunity to like my posts.

I know I ‘m wining now, but blogging should be easy, fun and don’t take forever to admin. I hope wp fix things soon in a new update. Until then my activity will be lower than I want to.

Sorry, I miss you all when everything goes too slow on wp.

Oops, didn’t spellcheck this text, so if you can’t understand what I’m writing, it’s me 🙂