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Pink Bucket DK meets Pink Bucket SE

You wont believe it, but my artist group “Rosa Hinken” (Pink Bucket) were found by a Danish group, also called “Rosa hinken” through a drawing i showed in one of my blog posts.
Our Danish friends dont paint paintings. They awards people in the horse sport world. A pink bucket filled with Danish beer.

They found a drawing with a pink bucket I made for one of my Rosa Hinken friends. When they saw my art and heard about our group, they wished to come and visit us in Sweden next time they should give the pink bucket price to a Swede.

So they did. The visit turned out well and we all had a nice afternoon in my little town Trosa in Sweden.

I now challenge you to read some Danish, by clicking this link, who leads you to the article that the Danish Pink bucket wrote about the visit. Over there you can also watch the group picture of Rosa Hinken DK and Rosa Hinken SE. Guess who is me in the photo…


This drawing made it all happen!


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