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The big fight

Melanies flight

I would like a side of Mayo (Clinic) please…

This post by a dear wp friend got stuck in my head and to deal with it I have drawn a picture. That’s my way of dealing with the unfair sides of life.

There’s another wp friend in the picture who’s figuring in Melanies post. You can visit his blog here:

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

Good luck Melanie!
Good luck Melanie!

14 thoughts on “The big fight”

  1. Oh Anna! I just burst into tears and cried for at least 5 minutes straight sobbing my heart out. My boy and my hubby were very concerned. They couldn’t figure out what was going on. They came over and peeked at my laptop screen and then they understood. You are so wonderfully amazing and I just… I cannot even begin to tell you what it means to me, and how much your art and your words and your positivity and encouragement gives me a renewed sense of determination all of the time. You are an angel Anna. I love you to pieces from the bottom of my heart. Thank you just don’t quite cut it. xoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo Melanie

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    1. I’m so glad my art can do well and not just hang on walls where people just say “oh, nice” and then move on. Art should be comfort, inspirering, giving strength and so on. Thank you so much for all nice and loving words. 😀♥️♥️♥️

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  2. Reblogged this on amusingmyselfmusings and commented:
    This is yet another amazing piece done by my beloved friend Anna who is an amazing artist and one of the most encouraging and supportive friends a gal could hope to have. Her piece had me bawling my eyes out like a big ol’ baby and I have a renewed sense of determination to fight as hard as I can against this monstrosity of a disease. Thank you Anna! I love you!


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