Baking day

I’m having a baking day. That’s fun.

What do you bake, when you bake?




40 comments on “Baking day

      • a very easy loaf (shaped rather like bread) made of flour brown sugar eggs vanilla etc but mostly chopped up dates. To eat it you slice it rather like you would a slice of bread and eat it alone. If one is being really extravagant spread some butter on it. It’s enjoyable with a cup of tea in the afternoon without the the icing that would go on a regular cake. I have been eating this since a kid and I like it.

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  1. I bake bread every three weeks. Can’t stand the taste of chemicals in the store bread. I preslice it and divide it into half loaves that last a couple of days each half.

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  2. Love the painting Anna! I love baking homemade potato rolls–my mom’s recipe 🙂 Cookies would be next on my list–oatmeal raisin with lots of cinnamon or chocolate chip 🙂

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  3. I love to bake, my favorite thing (yumm) in Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip cookies, I got the recipe from …yep NM, lol. I love to bake pies, taught to me by my mother in law. I like to roast chicken in a clay baker. Good therapy.

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