Do I unfollow?

Yes I do, but not very often.
When do I unfollow?

When I get tired of massposting in my reader. It could be good posts, that I like, but when one or two bloggs appears with “one million” posts in a row, then the selection of posts in my reader gets smaller.

I can’t read posts from that many blogs that I want to, when I catch posts in the reader, which I do most.

I often have bad connection, so visiting blogs takes hours to upload just for one blog. The reader is a shortcut to every blog I follow. But to get there I have to have at least one post showing in the reader.

When one or two blogs occupies nearly the whole reader flow, nearly all of the others seems to disappear.
It’s like when someone claim a whole train and only sits on one seat.

Massposting may be an effective way to catch readers, but I think it also can create irritation. If you want to post a lot, then why don´t you schedule the posts with some timespace instead. Then your posts will appear often in the reader, but still let other posts get through too.

I’m just saying what I think, you don’t have to agree with me.

I discovered that I don’t like when my reader only shows a few bloggers post, so I probably will unfollow such blogs in the future too.

So, if you think I visit your blogs too seldom, this could be a reason. I don’t see your posts in my reader.




78 comments on “Do I unfollow?

  1. Hi, I like the fact that you are honest about your feelings with regards to posting. This is something I try to take very seriously and not to post too much in a short amount of time. 2-3 updates per day should be probably a maximum. But hey, what do I know 😛 Maybe that´s too little or too much, this is up to the individual poster to decide. Getting updates every 5 minutes is tiresome, especially if you have mail subscription.

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    • I know about the email notification. You can turn it off, but sometimes you want the emails, but not millions of them. I repost often instead of making new posts every minute. But I schedule my reposts so they appear different times in a day. We all read at different hours and it’s easy to miss posts if they appear when you’re asleep or at work.

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  2. I agree with you Anna 🙂
    I’ve had to ‘un-follow’ some blogs for the same reason. It’s important to maintain a good balance I think. Although I enjoy sharing some of my work, I don’t want to overwhelm my followers. Thank you for your honesty!

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  3. I hear what you are saying, I like to give people a chance but I have to “clean up” my feed every few months – I can only follow around 250 blogs at a time – so when I add bunch I have give up on some —- it is almost always when the blog has been abandoned or got extra annoying. 🙂

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  4. Great blog-post:-) I can really understand this Anna. I am struggling with a reader just like that. Some blogs taking up the entire space. Not that their blog-posts are not awesome it is just that when I sit for an hour reading I would have preferred that my reading would benefit many more blogs. Thank you for sharing. Love, Isabella

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  5. I agree with you Anna, I do also unfollow, when some people post 8-10 posts or more in same time. I use my Reader at my Android and here I only see around 20 posts at time, so maybe I see only 1-2 bloggers in the Reader and this are very annoying, when I like to read from different bloggers.
    I do post several times every day, but use to schedule them, at least the posts with my jewelry, also to reach more people. Great post.

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  6. When I went on blogcation I unfollowed everyone. Now that I’m back I’m again picking up the ones I really like to read. When folks over post I either unfollow or if I like their posts I just read them a couple at a time.

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  7. I know how you feel. I was just looking through the reader, literally 10 minutes ago, and almost all of it was just from one person. I want to see a variety of blogs not just one! Good post, and I’m glad you wrote it. Someone needed to.

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  8. Really glad to know that you’re completely honest about the topic 😛
    At least in my case… I blog about movies, reviews lists, that sort of stuff, so… fortunately or well un-fortunately… I am hardly able to update daily and well, as of yet there’s no one blocking my reader, so all’s well 🙂

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  9. Very well put, if you what to post often, why not but if you do it too often, you overload the readers of all your followers which is off-putting. Always read a few posts and how often a blogger is posting before you decide to follow them.

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