Time hunting

Time heals/Tiden läker alla sår

Another time expression I find quite similar in Swedish and English.

The expression it self, I don’t know if I agree that time heals. We may get another perspective on our wounds, but I’m not sure times really heals them. Just change them or maybe they stay the same sometimes too. 

But I enjoyed doing this painting where time is a real healer 😉
Tiden läker kanske alla sår, eller inte. Kanske förändrar vi bara synsättet på våra gamla sår. Eller så rår inte tiden på dem alls. 

Hur som helst gillade kag att måla den här bilden där tiden verkligen får läka sår.

Tiden läker sår/Time heals (500sek)

22 thoughts on “Time heals/Tiden läker alla sår”

  1. Lovely post! I’m not sure Time heals either, but perhaps with the passage of time, we change in some slight ways and our perspective on things change as we get older I think. (But that is just my thoughts) 😀

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  2. One of the reasons that time heals is it give distance from the injury and time for us to put it into perspective and hopefully the ‘gift’ of support.

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