What’s this?




39 comments on “What’s this?

    • That was my plan. Though I struggle with the fact that I can’t draw animals. I trick myself to draw them anyway by putting themes on them. This iguana I made with sailor and sea sport theme.

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  1. I think it is a sea monster that attracts little small yachts and he exudes a sticky substance on his scaly skin that makes the boats adhere to him. He used to be a sailor (hence the tattoo of the anchor on his deltoid) but he angered a sea goddess who turned him into an angry monster of the sea.

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    • What a good idea. Didn’t think flying fish when I drew the picture, but you’re right. It could be that. Iguana was my thought, but I can actually be wrong 🙂


  2. At first glance I saw an Astronaut wearing a spacesuit in a cool space capsule… then I saw everyone else saying that it was an iguana.

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