I did a short post called Please respect…

where I wrote:

If you seek my attention and don´t seems to get response, then I may have my reasons. Please respect that 🙂

This reaction go way back to my childhood. I didn’t know it then, but since I learned about how introverts and also High Sensitive Persons perceive other persons feeling cloud, as I chose to call it, I’ve been able to understand why I react to certain people by total closure.

I sounds like a weird total introvert idiot, but I can be extrovert too, but this thing when I totally close down, that I can do nothing about and don’t want to either.

When do I close down totally?

When people with narcissistic traits tries to be my friend and sometimes even more than that.

They may not even be narcissistic, but they can show such traits anyway. I’m completely allergic to such people. I want to like and love every one, but I realize I cannot if I want to stay healty and free in my soul.

With the same logic that cats and dogs immediately looking up the only allergic person in the room to say hi, narcissists seems to take interest in the only person that do not want to talk to them.

It’s been a curse all my life, I realize by now. When I was young I didn’t understand why I tried to avoid certain people, but now as an adult I know exactly why.

The problem isn’t a problem really. Not for me. I can spot this kind of people miles away from a half life experience. But no one else seems to understand that I do that. They don’t get that I already see lots a step forward. And to avoid those steps and trouble I will get into, if I ignore my intuition, I close totally in step one instead of step ten.

I probably still sound very weird. High Sensitive Persons percieve about five times as much as “normal” people in the same timeline. So if you need an hour to find things out. I already have the answers in little more than ten minutes.

That’s unfair to people you may say. But I’ve been around too many narcissists to waste time on another one and another one and so on. I don’t have the time to be fake nice to people I get nothing but trouble from in the future.

So I will keep closing down totally when I don’t want to interact with people that reminds me of trouble-people from my past.

This is a sad side of me. Not being able to be nice and chat with everyone I meet. Everytime I tried a different way, it ends up with they eating me up. And I don’t want that.

I though think that everyone has their right to exists as they are, so I’m only asking to be left alone in the point of not demand answers and reactions from me when I don’t want to interact.

You will notice when I don’t want to interact. I simply don’t answer your invites to interaction. Normal people get this, narcs continue to seek interaction in every way the come to think of.

I really like to interact with you in normal cases, so please continue to visit, like and comment on my blog.

Happy blogging everyone 🙂

And by the way, I’m fine now, the post Please respect may have worked this time, thank you 🙂

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