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Holding hands/Hålla handen

Everyone have the right to feel as safe as a kid holding the loving and protecting parents hands. Not just children but adults as well.

What if we all could feel totally safe. Totally trusting our family, friends, neighbours and strangers. I think we all somehow search for that total trust, that no one can hurt us and the world is not that terrifying as it can be those days.

What’s stopping us from giving all people this trust and safety?


Alla har rätt att känna sig så trygga, som barn som håller de kärleksfulla och skyddande föräldrar i händerna. Inte bara barn utan vuxna också.

Tänk om vi alla kunde känna oss helt säkra. Helt lita vår familj, vänner, grannar och främlingar. Jag tror att vi alla på något sätt söker efter den totala tilliten, att ingen kan skada oss och världen är inte så skrämmande som den kan vara dessa dagar.

Vad hindrar oss från att ge alla människor detta förtroende och denna säkerhet?





Hålla handen/Holding hands (sold)

32 thoughts on “Holding hands/Hålla handen”

  1. It is true that it is hard to give our trust to all people. The world is a beautiful place but it is a mixture of good and bad. We have to be careful to whom we give our trust. I guess that’s just how life is. It is ideal if all people are trustworthy. A person should be able to feel complete trust within his family, that which nourishes, loves, and protect.

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  2. This is so good! I really like the texture of their silhouettes and the posture of the father figure. Also, the white fringe you have along the upper portions of the figures makes them almost seem like they’re going to peel off the screen and become animated. Very nice.

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  3. Unfortunately, for many it is not their reality. Children need to be listened to. Everyone has something to say and everyone needs to know that they have been heard! Thank you Anna.

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    1. You are so right. And if we listened to children more often, we probably should get lot more wisdom. They have really important stuff to tell us sometimes.

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  4. Jag håller med dig Anna! Vad fint du skriver och ritar. Verkligen! Förtsätt med det. Jag är så tacksam att jag hittade din fantastiska blogg. 😍💕❤ kram. /puspita

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    1. Tack snäll 🙂 kul att du hittade min blogg och tack för all uppmuntran. Jag tycker du har en fin blogg också. Fortsätt att skriva. Du är bra på att skriva 🙂

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