What do you see?


A pastel painting on orange paper. What do you see in this picture?



41 comments on “What do you see?

  1. I see lots of things in this picture. But none of them are very good things. I will keep quiet because it is better to think good, positive things.
    I hope you will tell us what you were thinking when you were creating this.

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  2. I feel a bit frightened by this picture because there don’t seem to be enough boats for the figures jumping off the cliff and I am not sure they can swim.

    I like this picture, though. It made me think and imagine a story.

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  3. Reblogged this on FärgaregårdsAnna and commented:
    The way of life/Livets väg

    …was or is the originally name of the painting. I imagine life as a wondering road towards an end, that continues with a boat ride (for everyone) to an undefined destination. The blue turns into innocent white when they jump in the red boats. The red, I think, stood for eternal love. I don’t quite remember.

    But when I wrote the post and uploaded the picture I realized that this painting also can be a today story about the Mediterranean sorrow.

    Or all your interpretations, full of thoughts. I really enjoy this, when you give me such lovely feedback. I hope you enjoy this too.



  4. So interesting that everyone saw slightly different things. Even when we look at the same picture we all bring our different lives and experiences into the picture. Maybe no 2 people see the world quite the same!
    My interpretation was the end of life for the blue people and the white people were like angels waiting to take the blue people across the sea and on to somewhere else.

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  5. I originally saw it as lemming like people jumping off a cliff. Then I began to see something different: as though everything is interconnected. Like a circle of life. Colours mirroring each other. Life and nature carrying on as one giant organism… a living thing.

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