Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?

Great blog tips from OM!
I know I said I was “done” writing blogging articles. I wrote this because reading some posts on “blogging” is incredibly painful for me. -OM This is the third most asked question in blogging. It is also the most tricky to answer because there are so many factors, such as humanity, to consider when trying […]



15 comments on “Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?

  1. I like it when people leave comments on my posts too. But I haven’t posted anything for almost a week so the comments are getting rather thin. I think people are just very busy. I’m working on a project right now and I’ve run into technical problems. I had to go to music store a buy some special connectors and cables. I had to go to another place to work out these technical problems. I’ve been busy commenting on everyone else’s sites. So I’m rather anxious to see if the techies had given me the answers to some of my problems. We’re all too busy!

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  2. I get that too and I reblog many but sometimes the issue is that some computers and browsers, even though we enable them do not offer reblogs and comments and some ppl just run through and like.

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