World Peace bar

Jim at Random Writings on the Bathroom wall wrote a comment just out of the blue, that got me this idea.

His comment: stopping at a pub on the way home? “pling”
almost immediately created an image in my head.

Of course I stop at a pub on the way home, on the way to work and also at home, when I can not sleep or when I get bored in real life, or when I’m worried about a friends absence or when I wanna tell something to my friends.

It’s not just any pub I stop at. It’s the WorldPeace bar here at WP where all of you guys are. Your likes, your comments, your ideas, your encouragement, your laughter, your sorrow, your anger, your compassion, your images and words. WP is a big pub and a nice one for everyone, I hope. So, I hang out in the WP pub when you are there. Of course I stop by to see you as often as I can. My art hangs on the walls in this pub among all other great artwork of images and words.

See you at the WP pub!



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