Bridge over troubled water


This is our Edanö bridge over troubled water. On the island lives birds that kill the trees on the island. The city want’s to scare the birds away. But it is The city who has make them move to the island in the first place. We humans are not the wisest of creatures, when it comes to preserving the nature 🙂



17 comments on “Bridge over troubled water

    • Are you sure that they don’t hide under the surface?
      Thanks for reblog!
      (After the wp app update there’s no longer a reblog button, so if you notice lower reblog activity for your posts, that can be the reson)


  1. Another great post Anna and you are right about humans and their penchant for stupidity. We have an amazing planet and nature governs itself perfectly if we were so obsessed with controlling and destroying it under the delusion that it is ours to do with as we like. 🙂

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