but I have one more painting of the bridge I going on and on, about 😉

It is a small bridge that leads to a little island, where a few hundred people live. In the 1950s I think it was, there was no bridge. People back then, took the rowing boats to their island destination. In the other end of the island there is a seashore where people like to spending time, both now and back in the days.
After a while the island visitors started to buy land on the island and then builded little cottages. The bridge were not built at the time, so they had to row their building material over to the island.
I don’t know exactly when the bridge was build, but somewhere in the same decade as the rowing era. After the bridge were built, a lot more little houses came up on the island.
But nearly none of them is visible on this painting.
Up until recently lots of trees was growing on the island. Now a days, builders have taken them down för building new houses instead. I think it is kind of sad. There were lovely woods to take a walk in. You cant take a walk in someones house area in the same way, I think….