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Melanie at Amusingmyselfmusings wrote a post, that reminded me of a Swedish artist Carolina Falkholt alias Blue. She paint in graffiti style, amazing artworks. She´s exploring the female body among other things, but that´s a real interesting theme she has. She kind of makes the female body look back and stare at the people who stares at it or even worse call it namnes no one should have to hear.
You can find out more about Carolina Falkholt and here artwork here:

carolina falkholt paintings Google picture search

Carolina Falkholt art 

Carolina Falkholt | Facebook
A couple of years ago she did a wall painting in a school in a town not far from my town. A beautiful painting, that the buyer (the Nyköping Municipality) build a wall in front of. They didn’t think the motife was suitable. That action caused a national newsspinn. You don’t limit art and artists was the message from most people.
I did a homage to Blue painting in that time, to support that art should be free in the sentence don’t limit artists.

My painting looks like this:

I did some other thoughts at that time connected to the Falkholt debate. What if our bodies should stare back at those who stare at body parts instead of our faces and eyes?

I did this painting:

You can choose how to look at it. You’re free to interpret the painting. For me it’s just fields of different colors in both my paintings in this post.

But what do you see? Does it upset you? Does it make you smile? Do you get angry? No matter what your reaction is I think the art must be free. Free for the artist to make and free for the beholder to interpret. That’s a tricky one. Not to enforce your opinion on others and instead allow them to have their opinion.

For me art is freedom. I can watch and interpret artwork as I want. No one has the right to know what I think or feel about the artwork. It’s all in my mind. There I can walk and do as I want to without no one stopping me and without risk of hurting anyone. It’s all in my mind when I look at artwork.


20 thoughts on “Good looking…”

  1. Fascinating Anna! Thank you for the link. I’ve forwarded it to a few friends. They will be able to follow on FB but I, alas, am not on FB and have no desire to be. 🙂

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