We often tell about our great milestones. New hundred followers mark, top notation of likes, comments, post milestones and other great achievements.

But how about telling when stats dropping? Not so often ha, but they do for us all time to time.

When we’re on blogcation, lack of connection, lack of time, missing to unmark a post as draft when posting, don’t have time to read, like and comment on other blogs, don’t post often enough and so on. When we’re lazy and think stats do it all without us making an effort.

Today my stats really dropped back to levels I had before I understood how to blog. I know the answer to the dropping, but it was sad anyway.

I like high stacks in the stats. I like talking to you in comments. I like watching likes coming in in the notifications. Even though it takes a lot of time. I like it, period.

I will make the stacks grow again!

Have a good day, evenening, night or morning where ever you are 🙂


Not a milestone to brag about ;)
Not a milestone to brag about 😉