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Not a milestone to brag about ;)

We often tell about our great milestones. New hundred followers mark, top notation of likes, comments, post milestones and other great achievements.

But how about telling when stats dropping? Not so often ha, but they do for us all time to time.

When we’re on blogcation, lack of connection, lack of time, missing to unmark a post as draft when posting, don’t have time to read, like and comment on other blogs, don’t post often enough and so on. When we’re lazy and think stats do it all without us making an effort.

Today my stats really dropped back to levels I had before I understood how to blog. I know the answer to the dropping, but it was sad anyway.

I like high stacks in the stats. I like talking to you in comments. I like watching likes coming in in the notifications. Even though it takes a lot of time. I like it, period.

I will make the stacks grow again!

Have a good day, evenening, night or morning where ever you are 🙂


Not a milestone to brag about ;)
Not a milestone to brag about 😉

37 thoughts on “Not a milestone to brag about ;)”

  1. I feel like any time I am away for more than a day my stats plummet and it takes awhile to get them back to where they were. Feel your pain.

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    1. I know what you mean, but the good thing is when we get back we have a good chance to make stats better again 🙂


  2. Since you brought up blogging and such, I created a post yesterday, for Mel, wishing her good luck, etc. it was there after I posted it and some people liked and commented on it. Now today, it’s gone. Any idea why that would happen? Just curious as I don’t know my way around this stuff fully yet. And I’m sure your stats will improve. There’s no way they won’t.

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    1. How weird about post missing. Can you see it at all or is it totally gone? Check the dashboard lf the post is in draft section or trash. I don’t know my way around either, but I try to help if I can. I wanna read that post 🙂

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      1. Nope, it’s just gone. WP has been acting a bit weird for me today though. Not sure what happened. I kinda re-wrote it again just now. It’s been posted. Hopefully she sees it this time. Thanks for the help! 😃

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  3. My stats will bottom out tomorrow, due to a doctor’s appointment I have in the afternoon. Hate when I have to travel out of town for worthless appointments. So I know how you feel.

    On the good side the stats will rise again once we get back to posting on the internet!

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    1. Thanks, I know, and I blog for the comments, but every dip reminds me of that blogs don’t run by them selves. You have to make a big effort to make it good. “Pling”


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