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This is my church


I think people are free to believe in what they want.

I also believe that no one has the right to sell in that faith to others. I believe everyone are right to their own belief and faith.

Nothing gets better than everything else just by growing to large sums.
Then stupidity would be the most intelligent thing on earth!!!!

I believe in natures power and divinity. When I walk in forrest or paddle kayak on water, I hear nature speaking and I am one with nature in soul. That’s all there is.

I don’t need other miracles than natures own miracles, that happens every day, every minute, every second. I don’t need any big guy telling me what to do or don’t do. I understand perfectly what to to good and what to to bad. I understand perfectly how good and bad actions from me affects both me, my fellows and nature. I there for often choose to do good. That paypack is awesome and can’t replace anything else.

It’s as simple as that for me.

But you all probably have both different views and different opionon about this and I think you should have. Otherwise I would be suspicious about my faith. If everyone thinks as me, then I probably got things very wrong and that would make me rethink my choice.


34 thoughts on “This is my church”

  1. Nice to be here Anna, and listen to your reflections, physical and metaphysical. Divinity may not be a single entity housed in temples, churches and other places of worship. It is energy that permeates entire universe. It is in everything we see and do, that leaves no place for greed and selfishness…best wishes… Raj.

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