One thing I do get, is that mankind is NOT the smartest living creature on earth. I don’t know how we sometimes come to the conclusion that we are smart. Cause we’re not!
We hunger for money. And in our constant hunt for more money, we kill not only each other, we kill nature, poison water and land. All, when we lay eyes of the next opportunity to get some more money.
Why is this wrong? you maybe thinking.
Hello! How are we supposed to get food in the future, when we kill the enviroment that provides us with food, or shall we eat money maybe?
When the big rains coming in on you. Can your money in the bank or that piece of paper we call cash protect you from big water running over you and your family?

I think a little boat can do that job better than a few litte pieces of paper.
When the storms wants to take all in it’s way and your dearest are right in the middle. Do you think those pieces of papers we call money can keep you away from the strong winds? Or do you think some really big trees can do the job better?
Or when the heat is getting even more hot. Do you think you can use the money for parasol shadowing your family? Or maybe trees can do it better. And non poison water can give you a coolness you need maybe. Or do you think a moneybath can do it better?
How come I think of this right now?
In Trosa we have a film club called Lagnö filmklubb, who shows lots of thoughtful films.
Recently, we saw the film Age of stupid. You can watch it on Youtube.
A dystopic film about mankinds stupidity. That film makes you think a lot.
But today a saw a program on Swedish TV. It´s in English, so you can se for yourself. Not all of us is stupid, gives a little bit of hope, I think. It’s about treehouses in Costa Rica.
I think we have to start not only to THINK about how we treat nature but also ACT smarter than we have so far.