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The “pling” movement

Jim at Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

has started a “pling” movement, I think.

It started with a post of mine were I wrote that I like the “pling” sounds your comments make when my ipad recieve notifications in my wp app.

In the comments to that post I found Jims comment which ended with a “pling”.

Since then a lot of “plings” have ended comments in my posts and I have returned the “pling” gifts by ending comments with “pling” when I visit Jims blog.

So if you wonder where the “pling” come from, you now know it’s The “pling” movement, that’s growing every day 😉

“pling” to you all!

Thanks for being here on wp with me, it’s so much fun and “plings” to find.




27 thoughts on “The “pling” movement”

  1. Jim is a real sweetheart, he’s gifted at bringing out the best in folks and recognizing quality blogging… and he’s fun too. I’m glad he pointed out your art to me. He’s very good at sharing the good blogs he finds on the nets with his blogging buddies and I’m glad you’re one of those he found share worthy.

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    1. For ipad and iphone you can chose the pling sound under settings-notifications-wordpress by choosing sound on. My ipad settings are in Swedish, so I don’t know what the settings says in English. “pling”

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