In our water jellyfish appears in the Fall. Small kind, harmless jellyfish. In a kayak tour I caught a jellyfish on photo. You can compare it and see if I came close with my painting of a jellyfish that I painted last year.


Jellyfish pastel (500sek)

Jellyfish pastel (500sek)

Jellyfish in kayak waters

Jellyfish in kayak waters


29 comments on “Jellyfish

  1. Love this one! I know what you mean about them coming at certain times of the year. When we are in St George Island, FL in the summer months, they are there in droves. If you paddle out past the surf break, maybe 200 yards, there are thousands of them, just under the surface. These are harmful though. We’ve nearly all had a sting or two over the years.

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