Pastel paintings, What ever

Something borrowed, part 1

It started as a thought, that turned into a test-painting, then it escalated in several paintings.

I did a “cover” on a painting a friend of mine did and discovered how fun it was to interpret other painters paintings in my own way. Not to copy them, just lend the motive and the paint it in my way. It is really fun to feel the power in other painters paintings. Try it and you will see how fun it is.
It is also a way out if you don’t know what to paint.
Let me and the readers know if you’ll give it a try 🙂
Pröva att göra en “cover” på någon målning du känner till. Kopiera inte utan gör den i din alldeles egna tolkning. Det gjorde jag med en målning som en av mina målarvänner målat. 
Ett bra sätt att komma ur svackan när du inte vet vad du ska måla. Ett kul sätt att utmana sig själv. Jag målade ur minnet och när jag sedan fick se originalet insåg jag att jag har ett selektivt minne 🙂
Låt gärna mig och bloggläsarna få veta om du prövar på detta sätt att måla.

24 thoughts on “Something borrowed, part 1”

  1. This took patience to do! And you are right! I shouldn’t let other people tell me how to lead my life,,, Be my decisions right or wrong, IT’S MY LIFE! Thank you for the encouragement. I’d like to put my imagination to the test, and see if I can scare myself… LOL! This one is truly remarkable!! I particularly like the shadowing on the fence. You’re a talented Illustrator!

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    1. Thank you very much. And, I think I know where you are in the creative process. Just do it and ignore what other says and thinks. When you start travelling in your mind and make art of it, you will never return to a boring life again. You will change priorities and put artwork on top of the list.


      1. Boy Anna! You really know how to get someone fired up! My battery is charged! I feel inspired! I’ll start with something easy: like a chipmunk or a still life maybe… I think I like you Anna! I like the encouragement you bring! I’ll post something as soon as I learn not to scribble :O)

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