Pastel paintings, What ever

Something borrowed, part 4

Another painting where I borrowed the motive from a painter friend.

It is really fun to interpreting other paintings in my own way. You should try it!

Let me know if you do that and wanna share the result with the readers.

Ännu en målning där jag tolkat motivet från en målarkompis tavla. Pröva själv detta roliga sätt att finna inspiration. Berätta gärna för mig och läsarna hur det går om du provar att måla så.



Homage to Andre

20 thoughts on “Something borrowed, part 4”

  1. Is this painting a graphic attempt at locking up the aging, decay and death of the beautiful tree, if yes, it’s a commendable artistic job!

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    1. The one who did the original painting may have those thoughts in mind, but without the pink lock/bucket I added in my painting. Your words about the painting is amazing. Love them!

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  2. Anna, art is often the source of inspiration for me. I love seeing all the art expos here. Sometimes, I am inspired to drag out the paint brushes but nothing good enough to post. 🙂 x

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    1. I’m sure it is good for a post. It’s in your head only, that paintings are not good for posts. I was like that for a long time. Then I decided to think, never mind, I do it anyway. And I never regret that. It’s so much fun to show art. I’ve learned a lot and think I do better paintings now than before showing them.

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  3. Simple, yet effective! I have a newer version of Corel Painter… I also have a Wacom tablet and 3 different pens. I’m afraid to go into the program because I might just be there in exclusion of everything else… Then people start complaining how selfish you are, and how you don’t love them anymore… I hate people…

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    1. I so know what you mean. But artmaking is never a selfish thing. What if people could get that once and for all and let us all create! Go on and paint as much as you like!


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