Who is the biggest?

We sometimes divide people into introvert and extrovert groups. Most of us are a little bit of both, others are more introvert than extrovert and vice versa.

But, which of these groups takes more space than the other? Or do we give both groups equal space?

I drew a simple picture based on this issue when I started to read about introvert/extrovert couple of years ago.

I think we have the right to equal space no matter what group we belong too in the intro/extro definition.

Some of us talk less and maybe think more, some of us maybe think less and talk more. That’s what I’m trying to show with this drawing.

Welcome to share your thoughts about this.

I think this is a really interesting subject.




24 comments on “Who is the biggest?

  1. Space can be given or taken. If we are all given equal space we have no need to grasp at it, but it is sometimes difficult to recognise that a quiet person has just as much to say as a noisy one.

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  2. I tend strongly towards introversion and hermitage, although I’m quite sociable and have no problem talking to strangers when in a social situation. I value both sides of the equation equally, but I have found that extroverts tend to misunderstand introverts, mistaking it for lonely or unhealthy. Solitude is quite different from loneliness. I love this saying, “Introverts unite! Separately, in our own homes.” 😀

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