I have so much delightful fun here with you wp friends.

I get so much encouragement from you in my posts and I try as often I can to give back that encouragement to you when I read your posts and answer your comments.

I still haven’t figure out what to think of the stats. It’s fun when the numbers go up. But what does that mean really?

When numbers go up it also means you have to put in more time to admin your blog, read more posts, follow more blogs, find more good answers to comments, find more interesting comments for posts you visit.

It’s fun, but it takes a lot of time, that you don’t always have, but wish you have.

So, be careful what you wish for. It’s not fun to feel you don’t have time for your wp friends.

On the other hand. Fun stuff you will make time for, so maybe I will learn how to get more time to spend with you. I really like your comments. Very often you out images in my head, that eventually come out as drawings or paintings 🙂

Thank you all!


Time hunting/Jakten på tid