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Do I really…

…follow your blogs?

Yes, I do. Mostly when your posts appear in my reader.


…read your posts?

Yes, I do. But not always the long ones, when I’ve lack of time.


…like your posts?

Yes, I do, very often. But that doesn’t mean I always press the like button.


…like a post when I press the like button?

Yes, I do. But it can mean I like a picture even though I didn’t read the whole text. The like can mean I like a text, but didn’t wait for a image to upload in my sometimes slow reader (bad connection). The like can also mean I really like the whole post.


…comment a post ever?

Yes I do. But sometimes when I read other comments I think people already said what I was going to say, then I pass or like those comments.


…like the comments where I press like button?

Yes I do. What other reason is there to press like button on a comment?


…enjoy this wp community?

Yes, I do. I found a lot of interesting blogs and followers, with very much to say, worth thinking about. So thank you all for being out there, creating good blogs!


Sorry my Swedish reader, I’m too lazy to do this post all over again in Swedish.

Till mina svenska läsare. Ber om ursäkt, men jag är för lat idag för att skriva denna text även på svenska. 




Lots of good hearts out there 🙂



64 thoughts on “Do I really…”

      1. I have only been reading blogs for 4 weeks and I am amazed how clearly and expressively people write their thoughts in English when it is not their own language (maybe we all own it). Do you have to be a native English speaker to appreciate how well other people write in English? I am still thinking about this…

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  1. Interesting you wrote a blog on this, these are very much my thoughts too and I am happy to have a buddy who thinks the same. 🙂 Now I don’t have to feel guilty about not leaving a comment becoz so many people have said the same things I had in mind. Cheers Prasna

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  2. Hi!
    1. While I was writing you, you were following my blog! Thank you so much for the follow!
    2. We have a lot in common: Don Charisma, Jason Cushman, Jason’s Daily Life Challenge, and our feelings about clicking the “like” button. I also know Anne (Annepm…). I see her picture on your site.
    3. I am actually writing a blog post on the value of comments on blogs. Now that you are following my blog, it should go to your Email about 2:00 am California time, early Saturday morning.
    4. Look, my picture is already on your site off to the left!
    Nice meeting you today, thank you again for the follow, I look forward to getting to know you better, and Happy Easter to you too!

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  3. I found you through Don Charisma as well. You’re thoughts fall in line with my own as well. I don’t often reply on posts because I don’t feel my response adds anything to the discussion at hand, especially when it would just be a smiley or I agree.
    I would like to thank passajer for the inspiration he or she has given me for a post on something I have thought about often. It will be on my other blog but I will ping back to you and if you could please let him or her know about it once it’s posted please?

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  4. Hi,
    I am linking back to this post in the one I am currently writing since the content is relevant. Look for it to come out in about 3 hours. Yours will be at the bottom under “related posts”. Janice

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  5. I was just discussing the “like” button with my wife and laughing at likes appearing instantly after I submit a post. Obviously there is no way the reader read the post that quickly. I know when I have published good content based on likes I see from readers that I know do not abuse the like button. I myself only hit the button if I truly mean Like!

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  6. Hi anna. it may sound crazy but if I like a blog post that means I have read that post. WordPress doesn’t have any option which helps us to mark posts that are read. But I hardly find any posts that I dislike. Most of the posts I really like them.

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    1. Thanks for reblog. Since that post my blog has grown to over 1800 followers. A small number for many. But for me it’s a huge number 🙂


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