…follow your blogs?

Yes, I do. Mostly when your posts appear in my reader.


…read your posts?

Yes, I do. But not always the long ones, when I’ve lack of time.


…like your posts?

Yes, I do, very often. But that doesn’t mean I always press the like button.


…like a post when I press the like button?

Yes, I do. But it can mean I like a picture even though I didn’t read the whole text. The like can mean I like a text, but didn’t wait for a image to upload in my sometimes slow reader (bad connection). The like can also mean I really like the whole post.


…comment a post ever?

Yes I do. But sometimes when I read other comments I think people already said what I was going to say, then I pass or like those comments.


…like the comments where I press like button?

Yes I do. What other reason is there to press like button on a comment?


…enjoy this wp community?

Yes, I do. I found a lot of interesting blogs and followers, with very much to say, worth thinking about. So thank you all for being out there, creating good blogs!


Sorry my Swedish reader, I’m too lazy to do this post all over again in Swedish.

Till mina svenska läsare. Ber om ursäkt, men jag är för lat idag för att skriva denna text även på svenska. 




Lots of good hearts out there 🙂