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Do you do like this?

Being an introvert high sensitive person (HSP) means that you should avoid certain type of people if you also want to avoid being totally exhausted in less than five minutes.
Those kind of persons are not always easy to avoid and when you have to be in the same area as them for hours you will be totally worn out mentally.

I’m talking about the persons who refuse to be them selves when mingling with other people. Despite the fact that they’ve known the people around them since stoneage and doesn’t have the slightest reason to put on an act, they still do that. No one buys the ticket to the show, but they give it anyway.

That’s exhausting for HSP to be around those kind of people. You feel the wrongness, the false theater, the playing and that steals all energy you have.

It’s a black hole and you can’t do nothing about the gravitation power at that point. You just have to cope til the times up and you can go home to a safe zone again far away from the show, you never wanted to see in the first place.

Avoid this kind of people if you can. There’s a lot of them, so it’s not easy 😉


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